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About TekkenGamer

Made up of gamers who eat and breath Tekken, TekkenGamer is a leading online destination for news and commentary focused on Tekken, the #1 selling fighting game franchise of all-time. It is steady growing as the FGC’s #1 source of exclusive and breaking Tekken news, and a gaming category leader among media outlets, pro players, online warriors and casual gamers alike.

TekkenGamer is the brainchild of Aziz Peregrino-Brimah (‘Zee the CEO’ in the gaming world). The idea for it started in March of 2015 when Zee noticed that the same amount of news media coverage, tournament support and community support for Tekken wasn’t as strong as with other fighting games. After bouncing his vision off of a few leaders in the Tekken community like Mark ‘MarkMan’ Julio, René ‘Kor’ Maistry, Hoa ‘Anakin’ Luu, and Reepal ‘Rip’ Parbhoo, Zee was convinced that TekkenGamer needed to happen.

Launched on July 4, 2016, TekkenGamer was so highly anticipated that its site shutdown due to all of the traffic. Nevertheless, it was still a success and it quickly became a leading destination for breaking Tekken news as well as exclusive insight into the games development, events, and community highlights.

TekkenGamer is as closely watched by journalists, pundits and industry leaders as it is by gaming enthusiasts — and for good reason. Whether you’re on the hunt for early looks at new Tekken mechanics, fighting strategies, frame data, breaking news or in-depth analyses from writers with authentic passion and expertise, TekkenGamer is a one-stop dojo for all of your Tekken needs.

If you require more information, please send press inquiries to press[at]tekkengamer[dot]com.