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Three-time Evo champion Arslan Ash releases new Tekken 7 tier list

Analyzing the ranking and strengths of each character.

Tekken 7 Akuma fireballs

Arslan Ash, the three-time Tekken 7 Evo champion, has recently released a Tekken 7 tier list. The tier list provides a ranking of all the characters in the game, from the strongest to the weakest. It provides a ranking of all the characters in the game, from the strongest to the weakest, which can be helpful for players who are trying to decide which character to main or which matchups to focus on.

It’s important to note that tier lists are not the be-all and end-all of a game’s balance. Different players may have different opinions on which characters are strongest, and even within a tier, there can be a wide range of variation in terms of how effective a character can be in different matchups and situations.

That being said, Arslan Ash is widely regarded as one of the best players in the world, and his opinions on the game’s balance are likely to carry weight with many players.

The top tier, which only has one character (Akuma), is not surprising. Akuma has been a dominant force in Tekken 7 since his introduction, and many players consider him to be overpowered. Even with the many “nerfs” he has received, he still remains at the top of tier lists each and every time.

The A+ tier consists of six characters that are all very strong and have been popular picks in tournaments. These characters are versatile and have a wide range of tools that can be used to control space and apply pressure.

The A tier consists of seven characters that are also strong but require a bit more skill and knowledge to use effectively. These characters are still viable picks in tournaments but may not be as dominant as the characters in the A+ tier.

The B tier consists of a wide range of characters that are viable but require even more skill and knowledge to use effectively. These characters may have certain weaknesses that can be exploited by knowledgeable opponents.

The C and D tiers consist of characters that are generally considered to be weaker than the other characters in the game. However, it’s worth noting that even these characters can be effective in the hands of a skilled player, and some players may prefer to use them for their unique playstyles and strengths.

After asking Arslan what context the tier list presented in, he stated “It’s mixed,’ meaning that its a mixture of tournament play, short sets, deathmatches, and general play. Different characters may be stronger or weaker depending on the specific situation, and players may need to adjust their strategies and playstyles accordingly. Nonetheless, this tier list provides a helpful starting point for players who are trying to understand the game’s balance and develop their skills.

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