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Epic Tekken 7 semi-finals matches you probably didn’t see at EVO Japan 2023

IRL streamer Ftwilight brings the action to your screen!

Tekken 7 Semi-Final Matches Evo Japan 2023

EVO Japan 2023, one of the most prestigious fighting game tournaments of the year, has wrapped up, but not without fans missing out on some of the most exciting Tekken 7 matches of the year. Although the official EVO Japan Twitch channels tried their best to stream every match, there were still many highly anticipated battles from the event that fans missed out on. However, thanks to some IRL streamers who were present at the event, fans can now catch up on the action they missed, streamed live on Twitch from their phones. Among the IRL streamers present at EVO Japan 2023 were Rip of Level Up Your Game, NoJunkoFood, and Ftwilight, who captured some truly epic Tekken 7 matches.

IRL streamer Ftwilight has uploaded many of the matches that were streamed to his YouTube channel, including Singapore’s best player Lan (Julia) of vs. Red Bull | Anakin (Jack-7) in a heart-wrenching elimination set, Knee (Feng) vs Chanel (Zafina) in a team kill battle, Joey Fury (Marduk) vs Chanel (Kunimitsu) in a nail-biting elimination round, Kagemaru (Negan) vs Chanel (Kunimitsu), Sephiblack (Miguel) vs Wantanabe (Eliza) in a Top 24 qualifying match, and Anakin vs Haru in a thrilling Jack-7 mirror match.

These matches are a must-watch for anyone who loves Tekken 7 esports and wants to experience the excitement of EVO Japan 2023.

Lan vs. RB | Anakin

Sephiblack vs. Watanabe

Joey Fury vs. DRX | Chanel

DRX | Knee vs. DRX | Chanel

Find  more matches with Anakin, Flower, Chanel and more on Ftwilight’s YouTube channel.

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