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Is Heihachi Mishima really dead, or will he return in Tekken 8?

Did we see the very last of Heihachi Mishima in Tekken 7? Is he truly dead?

Over the years of Tekken history we’ve seen many characters come and go, especially main characters who play an integral part in the canon storyline. One character in particular who’s been at the head of the spear over the years is Heihachi, and as we all know, he himself has had his fair share of coming back from the dead. With the Tekken 7 making it seem absolutely official, his last stand was at the base of that volcano fighting Kazuya. Can we really be sure that this is the last we’ll see of the die-hard case that is, Heihachi Mishima?

First Supposed Death

At the end of Tekken (1994), we see Kazuya has finally fulfilled his plans of taking over the Mishima Zaibatsu by winning the King of the Iron Fist tournament and throwing Heihachi down the same cliff he was thrown off of as a child. But he lives, as we see him climbing out of the quarry for the next game.

Second Supposed Death

After Jin takes out both Kazuya and Heihachi at Honmaru, ending the 4th installment of the franchise, both defeated fighters are woken up to an army of Jack robots sent by G.Corp. They fight the Jack army together, until Kazuya tosses Heihachi into the middle of the dojo, leaving him staggered and open to get dog-piled. Being held down, the Jacks attempt to kill a stuck Heihachi by initiating a self-destruct sequence, blowing up the dojo and all that’s inside. A report is left behind by Raven announcing “Heihachi Mishima… is dead.”

But he lived yet again! We learn in the Tekken 5 that he was simply catapulted by the blast meters away from the dojo and fell into a temporary coma. Heihachi re-emerged to reclaim what he lost.

Third Supposed Death

Since Namco decided to make Akuma canon to the Tekken timeline, I’m adding this in it. I don’t make the rules!

During the fight against Akuma at Honmaru in Tekken 7, right before Heihachi gets his chance at victory, Akuma unleashes his Raging Demon. Did you know that in Street Fighter Akuma laid this Raging Demon attack on M. Bison and killed him? But M. Bison had his consciousness converted to another body, and that’s why we know M. Bison to have his eyes all whited out or rolled to the back of his head. (The more you know! **Cue the star and rainbow**)

But once again Heihachi lives! Why? Because Tekken is loyal to their characters at the end of the day. Even though Akuma is now canon to the Tekken story, you can’t have an iconic character like Heihachi dying to a Street Fighter character! Blasphemy!

And with that, Heihachi decided to tell the world he’s dead to have the tactical advantage against Kazuya.

Fourth (and Final) Supposed Death

In Tekken 7, the final showdown between Kazuya and Heihachi is going down at the base of the volcano both men have personal experiences with. After a long, emotional, multiple round fight showing years of expression between the two’s past, Kazuya delivers the killing blow to Heihachi. After the punch Heihachi falls to the ground in a slow dramatic fashion, signifying to the audience that this is real. This is it! This will change the course of what will come in the future of the franchise.

Kazuya proceeds to toss Heihachi into the boiling lava, supposedly ensuring this is truly the end of Heihachi’s reign.

But yet again, Heihachi li… Just kidding! No.

Bandai Namco has made it clear in that final act this very well could be the last we see of the man with the Iron Fist himself.

But here’s what keeps eating at me. We all know how important Heihachi is. He was absolutely the sole mascot – an undeniable face of Tekken – as he was featured in multiple spinoff games as a guest character.

Could my theory be right, that this simply cannot be the last we see of him? We will know for sure with Tekken 8.

The King of Iron Fist... where people fight for glory and fame toward their own morals... Safe to say I'm no different and am glad to make your acquaintance! My name is Kevin and I've lived, hell, even BREATHED Tekken since I was a kid. All these years later and the KOIF story continues. I'm proud to be a part of this community and looking forward to engaging with you all! And as always... Get Ready For The Next Battle.


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