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Side by Side: Negan TEKKEN 7 trailer vs The Walking Dead

Just how accurate was Negan’s TEKKEN 7 trailer?

A new gameplay trailer and “movie” for Negan was shown right before the top 8 at the TEKKEN World Tour Finals. The cold-hearted antagonist from AMC’s television series The Walking Dead is scheduled to join the TEKKEN 7 cast sometime in 2019 (my guess is February when the new TWD season premiers).

The featurette shows Negan with several of the TEKKEN 7 cast reenacting the popular season 7 opener of TWD where people get their first real look at just how ruthless he is.

Surprisingly, the script and even the look and feel is parallel with the original show. Check out this side by side comparison of the trailer and the actual television show created by YouTuber  Melku44. If you are at all familiar with TWD, it’s interesting to see which TEKKEN characters play the TWD counterparts.

In my opinion, the TEKKEN Project team really outdid themselves. Well done.

Now, who’s ready to wield a vampire bat?!

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Credit: LarsJunFan

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