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Korean Powerhouse: kkokkoma on sponsorship, Tekken World Tour and his future

He’s known for his great Tekken skills and much more…

Korean Powerhouse: kkokkoma on sponsorship, Tekken World Tour and his future

Mu-jong ‘kkokkoma’ Kim is one of the most consistent Tekken World Tour players. Despite not winning a tournament, he has collected 1000 points and is guaranteed to play in the Amsterdam finals. And even though he has been doing so well and playing all around the world, you don’t see any tag in front of his nickname because he is not sponsored and it does not look like this will change for some time. Let’s find out why.

Hi and thank you for joining the interview! How are you doing?

Haha, just… so-so?

How long have you been playing Tekken? (or fighting games, in general, if you also have experience with other series)

Only Tekken, I have been playing it for 10 years. My first Tekken was 6.

You have been traveling all around the world. Which event so of 2018 is your favorite so far?

EVO, I think. Such a beautiful stage and a big tournament.

Was it your first Evolution?

No, this year was already my third time at EVO.

You are always traveling to events with Qudans. How long have you been friends?

It’s been 6 years. But the important point is that we have no secrets and believe in each other.

What is the funniest story from your tournament journey?

Hmm… I think everyone knows that when I go somewhere actually almost always friends bully me. Like “you are gay” or… anything, haha. I have to say I am having fun every time.

Like when Gosain showed a fragment of your stream before your match on the stage in Poland?

When Gosain showed my cosplay on the stream… haha, I was really surprised.

This is a question you might have heard quite a few times but I do not know the answer. How come you are not sponsored yet?

I don’t want to be sponsored for now, the TWT finals are really close. So I will just keep how it is currently going. Also, I don’t think anyone would want to sponsor me, haha.

But why do you think nobody would want to sponsor you? Have you never received any offer?

I actually have received some offers, but truth to be told, I’m not sure whether or not I will keep playing the game. So I think that, at least for now, it is better for me to be a free agent.

Wait, is there a chance you retire next year…?

Maybe…? I don’t know but I have been thinking about this a lot recently.

You are 5th in the Tekken World Tour ranking, yet you have not win any of the tournaments. How does it affect your mentality?

I really want to get that 1st place. I keep thinking about this. And my final chance before the finals will be Singapore, so I need to give my best.

Recently we switched to Season 2. What are your thoughts on the new mechanics and Negan?

I don’t want any guest characters! That’s all I want to say about them. And new mechanics, I can’t say anything for now. I need more time to have a more definite opinion.

There are still 3 unannounced characters who will join Tekken 7. Who would you like it to be?

As long as there are no guest characters, I’m okay with anyone. Well, I mean, as long as they don’t have special bars.

What about legacy characters, like highly-anticipated Julia?

Yeah, I think Julia would be a good pick. Also, if Julia is in, then there is very little chance Ganryu won’t be added.

How do you like Season 2’s balance so far? Will you continue playing Kazumi, Geese, Dragunov and Devil Jin? Maybe one or two names in your character line-up will be swapped?

I am still trying to play Dragunov and Kazumi, but to be honest, it’s so difficult. Maybe I will try another character. Everyone knows that I can play multiple characters, so if I don’t do well with my mains, it might be a good idea to pick someone else.

Last question. If you could ask Harada to change three things in Tekken 7, what would they be?

I can’t say anything in particular, it’s still too early. Well, maybe I can actually say one thing: Dragunov and Kazumi – please bring back my characters!

Thanks kkokkoma!

Former writer for SDTEKKEN, TekkenZaibatsu and 8WAYRUN. Used to play Tekken and Soulcalibur competitively, currently focuses on helping tournament organizers and the community in general. Loves pandas, red sneakers and ice cream.

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