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488 Tekken 7 competitors at Combo Breaker 2018 this Memorial Day Weekend

Here’s what to expect and how to watch this TWT master event!

The Tekken World Tour makes its way to Combo Breaker in St. Charles, IL this Memorial Day weekend, May 25-27. A stacked master event begins today, with nearly 500 participants (488 to be exact) signed up and ready to fight! Guess what else? Our fearless leader, Katsuhiro Harada, is also in the house! Michael Murray too!

The Players

Among the 488 players on the docket, there are a number of notables in attendance. And though the matches will take place on American soil, there is a huge international presence as well.

Here are some of the players to look for… JDCR, KNEE, SAINT, Anakin, JeonDDing, qudans, kkokkoma, Speedkicks, YUYU,  Shadow 20z, Cuddle_Core, Spero Gin, Binchang, Brawlpro, Joonya_20z, Nashi, Trung, Joey Fury, Jody Tha Great, NYC Fab, Mateo, Trill SHOLA, Mishimized, PLing, L.J.R., PepperBeef2Spicy, KoDee, Jackie Tran, RenoFace, MYK, Runitblack, Rick Tha Rular, KawaiiFaceMiles, panchon, Rickstah, LowHigh, Shirdel, Weapon X, MysticBill, Victim of Ritual, PerfectLegend, MakNificent, SourPiggy, CHANEL and AceUnlimited.

The full brackets and pools can be viewed on

Stream Schedule

All weekend the stream can be viewed on Here is the schedule below. All times CST.

Friday, May 25

  • Pools | 1pm-9pm (2pm-10pm EST)

Saturday, May 26

  • Pools | 10am-8pm (11am-9pm EST)

Sunday, May 27 

  • Top 24-Top8 | 10:30am-2pm (11:30am-3pm EST)
  • Top 8 | 2pm-4:30pm (3pm-5:30pm EST)

For more information visit

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