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New Tekken 7 character art panels coming to arcades on April 26th

Will these come to consoles in the near future?

New character art panels will be coming to the arcade version of Tekken 7 Fated Retribution on April 26th. Unlike the Artist Collaboration Series that came out last September, all of these panels were designed by Bandai Namco in-house illustrators. Many of them have worked on artwork for other popular Bandai Namco titles. As well, the arcades will receive the art panels from the Artist Collaboration Series, making for a total of 21 panels.

Will these panels come to homes on console? Most things that come to the arcades do eventually make their way to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam, so we’ll see.

Lucky Chloe | Morioka Yasuto

The pretty Chloe who takes away the normal heart of the opponent in various ways, growing while taking a gleamful line of sight from everyone! I hope you can play with Lucky Chloe, an intermediate point between adults and youngsters ! One two!

  • Gundam VS & Extreme VS Character Illustration Leader & Character Design
  • Project X Zone Series Publicity Artwork Illustrator
  • T7FR Xiaoyu Design
  • Tekken Blood Vengeance Xiaoyu Design
  • T6BR Opening Movie Jin & Kazuya Costume Design

Josie | Satoko Nakayama

I made it with an image that Josie seems to be posing as a model. I put Sampagueta flowers on the background.

  • Soul Calibur 6 Clothing & Character Design
  • Soul Calibur 4 Character Illustration
  • Soul Calibur Broken Destiny In-Game Illustrator
  • Fishing Spirits Series Designer
  • Idolmaster 2 Starry Clothing Design
  • GOD EATER Character Design

JACK-7 | Andou Makoto

To make super power feeling, I made the arm three times bigger, but I was doubled because I got scolded “I’m overly enlarging.” I personally like “Red Mohawk is thin and cool!”

  • PAC-MAN Series Art Director
  • Touch My Katamari
  • Noby Noby Boy, etc

Gigas | Honosuma Takashi

Looking at the scene where Gigas and Katarina are involved, it is the scene of a certain movie that came floating first. I do not understand young people at all, but it is nice that some kind of bustling feeling is conveyed.

  • Tekken 5 and onwards Character Design

Kazuya | Takuji Kawano

I decided to draw a state that another figure of 18 overlapped, and entrusted it to the shape of the particles floating around . I hope you can use this panel.

  • Soul Calibur series Character Design
  • Tekken 7 FR Character & Costume Design

Master Raven | Kenji Kimura

I drew it as an image of a character having both physical and mental brutality and feminine beauty, suppleness. I had a hard time grasping the structure of the costume.

  • Tekken Revolution Art Director
  • Tekken 7 Business Art Director
  • Tekken Mobile Art Director

Kuma | Andou Makoto

“The anger that the bear descending from the mountain burst out” was drawn on the theme. I emphasized the sense of imminent sense of power and shiny sense that comes close.

Panda | Andou Makoto

Even if there is a painful thing, I will not do it! I drew a bright character Panda in a cowher!

Eliza and Nina | Sagara Hiromi

Based on the concept of light vampires floating in the moonlight, I drew to express Eliza ‘s cuteness. I hope you all will love it. I painted Nina who fought a pure white dress. I hope that I can express her beauty and coldness as an assassin.

  • Tekken 6 & Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Character Design & Modeling work
  • Tekken Revolution Character Design
  • Pokken Tournament Character Model & Avatar work


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