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New Red Bull Conquest trailer and posters released, plus official tour hosts announced

The journey to RISE. RALLY. CONQUER. starts now!

We’ve got more exciting news about Red Bull Conquest, the recently announced fighting game tournament circuit empowering competitors to represent their local fighting game scene and embark on the journey to RISE. RALLY. CONQUER. The tournament circuit will travel to 15 qualifiers across the United States, with one additional online qualifier, to determine which region has the best players in TEKKEN 7, Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, and Guilty Gear Xrd REV2.

Check out the new tone-setting Red Bull Conquest sizzle (trailer), as well the new art pieces that play on the same motifs. This dramatic art style was conceived specifically for Red Bull Conquest and is exclusive to the events. You’ll be seeing them around!

Conquest Hosts

Red Bull has partnered with four renowned FGC commentators and personalities to host each of the regional qualifying events in the Conquest series. Tasty Steve, YipeS, Persia and Vicious will be on-the-ground ambassadors at each of the regional qualifying events this summer, hosting, streaming and generally bringing their FGC expertise to the proceedings. While all four may not be at each and every event, one or more of them will be in attendance at all of the regional tournaments, culminating with the Washington D.C. Red Bull Conquest National Final and Last Chance Qualifier in November. You can check out their bios below.

Dates & Locations

The first regional event kicks off later this month in Chicago, at Ignite Gaming Lounge on April 28. The Chicago event, like all others, will be streamed at RedBull.TV or

All qualifying Red Bull Conquest regional events are listed below:

  • Chicago – April 28
  • Seattle – May 19
  • Los Angeles – June 16
  • Nashville – July 7
  • New York – July 7
  • Saint Paul – July 14
  • Dallas – July 14
  • Denver – July 28
  • Orlando – August 11
  • Online Qualifier – August 12
  • San Francisco – August 18
  • Phoenix – August 18
  • Atlanta – September 8
  • Boston – September 29
  • Philadelphia – October 13
  • Washington DC – November 16-18

Tournament information for each event can be found at Please note Red Bull Conquest qualifier eligibility is only open to United States residents. Detailed rules on Red Bull Conquest can be found here.

About the Hosts

L to R: Jeremy “Vicious” Lopez, Persia, Yipes, Tasty Steve


YipeS has been a part of the FGC since 2003. Started From humble beginnings In ChinaTownFair arcade, to winning Major Tournaments on grand stages playing his favorite Fighting game of all time, Marvel vs Capcom 2! Multiple Evo Top 8s led to his biggest win at Evolution 2007 and crowned him the world champion! From Hosting his own tournament series “The Curleh Mustache Invitational”, to being at big events calling all the action with his unique commentating style across multiple games today. One cannot deny that Yipes is the embodiment of HYPE when it comes to repping his beloved FGC community. He will be one of the four traveling around the states rallying all the Fighting Game Warriors as a Host for Red Bull Conquest!


Samantha “Persia” Hancock is a Commentator and Host for various esports events. With over 13 years of experience in competitive gaming and over 60 events under her belt within the last 5 years alone, Persia aims to lead by example and help inspire other women to thrive within the industry. Passion, knowledge, and technical skill are a few of Persia’s greatest qualities when it comes to her work within the Fighting Game Community and are the things that led her to become the first official female commentator for the largest fighting game tournament in the world, Evolution.

Jeremy “Vicious” Lopez

Street Fighter enthusiast and long-time member of the community. Always bringing the hype at every event and is usually the first to be as vocal as possible when it comes to Fighting Games! His passion at events is as great as his drive to improve local communities as much as possible. Vicious is always down to meet with players from the community regardless of if they’re rookies or veterans.

Tasty Steve

Steve Scott is rarely at a loss for words. Just bring up any of his many hobbies or interests and the St. Louis native is quick with a story or prepared for a long discussion of the subject matter. Whether it is anime or fashion, video games or music, Scott is always willing to talk about his many passions. And that love of conversation has made his audience much bigger. Since moving to Southern California in 2011, “Tasty Steve” has become a fixture on streams all across the world. From casting top 8s in Guilty Gear Xrd at community-based tournaments such as Frosty Faustings to sitting on the desk at TBS’ ELEAGUE events, Steve’s excitement for fighting games and his love of the community is infectious. He has been a voice of the Tekken World Tour on different continents and served as the official EVO emcee during Sunday Finals. Tasty Steve brings his enthusiasm everywhere he goes, and he’s ready to share that passion for fighters with the viewers of Red Bull Conquest.

For more information on Red Bull Conquest, visit and follow Red Bull Esports on Twitter and Facebook for updates.

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