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ELEAGUE | TEKKEN Team Takedown the #1 esports TV show for Q1 2018, way ahead of CS:GO & Madden 2018

The ratings are in and Tekken 7 is leading the pack on TV!

Founder of esports media company The Next Level, Manny Anekal, has reported that Turner Broadcasting Network’s premiere esports television show ELEAGUE has had great success with its latest series TEKKEN Team Takedown, currently being the #1 esports TV show for Q1 2018.

Episode 2 of TEKKEN Team Takedown aired on March 23 with a total viewership of 413,000. This is the highest number of viewers of any esports television show so far in 2018. Next in line is ESPN2’s Madden Club Championship (Madden 18) with 265,000, which aired on February 2, with Episode 2 of ELEAGUE’S Road to Boston Major (CS:GO), which aired on February 16, running a close third with 214,000.

There are some interesting details concerning this data. 18-49 year olds account for 56% of the viewers (232,000) of TEKKEN Team Takedown. And, while the other shows came on between 9PM-10:30PM EST, Episode 2 of TEKKEN Team Takedown did’t come on until 1:50AM in the morning!

Be sure to catch Episode 3 of ELEAGUE | TEKKEN Team Takedown this Friday, March 30 at 1:30am EDT.

Source: Danny CortesManny Anekal

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