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South America protected home court at Top Fighter CUP feat. SAINT, El Negro, Sapito – Watch the archives and view results

International talent showed up, but didn’t get a chance to show out!

This past weekend on February 17-18, a premiere Tekken 7 tournament took place in Brazil of South America called Top Fighter CUP, a 64-player competition that featured notable players like Echo Fox’s SAINT (South Korea), New Master’s El Negro (Venezuela), Top Fighter’s Sapito (Peru) and many other great players. South America has emerged as one of the regions known for housing some of the world’s best Tekken talent, and to prove it, SAINT didn’t even make the top 3 at this event. That’s how fierce it is down there.

Fortunately, all of the action was streamed on the lazynho Twitch channel, and we’ve got the archived footage for you in case you missed it. Results of Top Fighter CUP are provided below for your convenience.

[spoiler title=’Click here to view final results’ style=’default’ collapse_link=’true’]

1st: NM | El Negro
2nd: NM | Leo Xaves
3rd: TF | Roynichi
4th: TF | Sapito
5th: PDM | FelipeLing
5th: FOX | SAINT
7th: NM | Leandro Foloni
7th: TT | Ronywsp


For top 16 results, visit

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