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Quickfire interview with TEKKEN graphic novel writer Cavan Scott

Meet the writer behind the new TEKKEN graphic novel, in bookstores December 19th.

As part of our week-long preview of the new TEKKEN graphic novel from Titan Comics – which hits bookstores on December 19th – we meet the writer behind the new TEKKEN: Blood Feud graphic novel and check out more of the fantastic interior art by series artist Andie Tong.

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Meet writer Cavan Scott

Cavan Scott is a Sunday Times-bestselling British writer of novels, comics, audio dramas, and non-fiction books. Best known for his work on Titan’s Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor, Supremacy of the Cybermen and Vikings comic series, he has also written for a number of high profile franchises including Star Wars, Judge Dredd and Warhammer 40,000.

Quickfire Interview with Cavan Scott

Which Tekken game is your favorite?
CS: For pure nostalgia, Tekken 3. I’m all about Ogre.

Are you any good?
CS: I’m a Tekken legend in my own mind. Although our artist Andie, is the true Tekken master.

Pad or stick player?
CS: Pad.

Favorite Tekken character?
CS: King.

Geese Howard vs Akuma, who wins?
CS: Akuma, easily.

Sexiest character?
CS: Alex.

Do you think Heihachi is really dead?
CS: Nah, you can’t keep a homicidal megalomaniac down.

Most intriguing character?
CS: Yoshimitsu.

What does Paul use to keep his hair styled?
CS: Pure self-belief.

Which character may be unhappy with how you wrote their story?
CS: Paul. He probably thinks he’s not in it enough.

What is Yoshimitsu?
CS: A space ninja, obviously. With tentacles.

Panda or Kuma?
CS: Panda.

Lee or Violet?
CS: Violet.

Marshall or Forest?
CS: Marshall.

Who has the cheapest move in Tekken 7?
CS: Hwoarang with his armor moves. Impossible.

Favorite Tekken stage?
CS: Electric Fountain

Favorite Tekken track?
CS: Snow Castle from Tekken 5

Who would you like to see return in Tekken 7?
CS: Angel.

If all Tekken characters were in a fight, who would be the last man, woman or thing standing?
CS: Devil Jin.

Want to see more art from the new graphic novel? Here’s two more pages by Andie Tong, with colorist Mauricio Wallace and letter Jimmy Betancourt.

Check out Monday and Tuesday’s posts for more about the story and a look at more art.

Come back tomorrow for more on the new TEKKEN: Blood Feud graphic novel. You can order this now from Amazon.

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