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Download spreadsheet of Geese Howard frame data, range analysis, sidestep and sidewalk info

KoDee has put some work in and has preliminary info on Geese.

Geese Howard becomes available today, November 30th, with Tekken 7 DLC2, but he came out a day early on Steam/PC. And as one would expect, community members have already begun breaking the character down.

Note: Make sure you look at all of the resources below, as this page has been updated.

vS KoDee

Pro Tekken player for Virtual Storm, Cody “KoDee” Dinkins, has put some work in with Geese and come up with some preliminary information related to frame data, ranges, sidestepping and side walking. As he notes, this “does not include MAX cancels, startup frames, and others.” This is certainly a work in progress, so be sure to give KoDee a follow for any changes or community contributions.

You can download KoDees findings here, or in the tweet below.

Shining Face

Another frame data doc is in the works by Shining Face. Give it a look as well.

The Geese Bible

If you like the above resources, then you will want to download this one below by Sneaky Coyote. He did some data research on Geese as well, but also includes information from what KoDee and others have discovered. As of right now it is probably the most comprehensive source of Geese Howard data, thus called “The Geese Bible.”

You can download it here or in the tweet below.

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