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Tekken 7 FR (Arcade) Version N balance changes you should expect coming to PS4, XB1 & PC

Several characters receive buffs and nerfs with Version N.

The arcade version of Tekken 7, called Tekken 7: Fated Retribution, is currently being updated to Version N in Japan and Korea and with it comes some character balance changes. The changelog of these changes was leaked, showing just which characters are affected with certain buffs and nerfs. Characters specifically involved are Hwoarang, Xiaoyu, Jack, Bryan, Lili, Lee, Gigas, Leo, Lucky Chloe, Kazumi, Master Raven, Eddy, Nina and Eliza. While most of the changes seem minor, these are fine tuned adjustments that make the gameplay more consistent with in-game expectations.

Lastly, reporting on the arcade changes is important because you can expect these adjustments to sooner or later make their way to the home versions of Tekken 7 – PlayStation 4, XBox One and Steam/PC.

You can learn more about Version N at (Japanese).

Character Balance Changes

The following was translated from Japanese to English by Josie_Rizal_bot, and formatted by Avoiding the Puddle.


  • Rage Drive 2 & 3 (In Rage u/f+3, 4, 3+4) has been adjusted so that you no longer lose rage status by just inputting the entire command.
  • Human Cannonball (f+2+3) can now be done by performing a ‘slide input’ for the command (f+2~3).

Note: Bug fixes. The Rage Drive now has to have the 2nd and 3rd hit connect to consume your rage.


  • Firecracker (AOP 4~3) now leaves you closer to the opponent on block. Xiaoyu will now also be in an aerial state after having the move blocked.

Note: This makes the move now floatable on block.


  • Snake Edge (d/f+3) attack hit box has been made bigger.

Note: Bug fix, sometimes the move will completely whiff right in front of the opponent.


  • Rage Art (In Rage, b+1+2) attack hit box has been made bigger.

Note: Assists in hitting opponents low profiling the Rage Art like with Dragunov’s d+2.


  • Clipping Sweep (d/b+3) now starts up 2 frames slower.
  • Pommel Swing (b+1, 2) 2nd hit now comes out 1 frame slower.
  • Ballistic Upper (while standing 2) attack hit box has been made bigger.

Note: Nerfs. The ws+2 change helps him punish certain lows that recovers in a low profile like Miguel’s d/b+1


  • Edelweiss (d/b+4) attack hit box has been made bigger.

Note: Like the Bryan change above.


  • Xiang Chui (d/f+2+3) now leaves you closer to the opponent on block. It now recovers 1 frame slower on block. It also recovers 4 frames slower on whiff.

Note: Nerf, this makes the move -15 now.

Lucky Chloe

  • Rage Drive (In Rage, d/f+3+4 → 1+2) 1st hit on block makes the opponent recover 7 frames slower. The 1st hit has an additional 1 more frame of active hit frames. Pushback on the opponent after connecting with the 1st hit has also been reduced.
  • Rage Drive (In Rage, d/f+3+4 → 1+2) 2nd hit on block now also makes the opponent recover 7 frames slower.
  • Step Up (while crouching, d/f+4) now has 1 more additional active hit frame.

Note: The pushback for Rage Drive on hit for the 1st hit should make the 2nd hit more easier in combos.


  • Step In Tracer (ff+4) attack hit box made bigger. The move now has 1 additional active hit frame.

Note: Buff, this move would whiff a lot especially in cases where opponents would stand at the tip range or sidestep it.


  • Monster Axe (f+2, d+1) attack hit box on the 2nd hit has been made bigger.
  • Hell Crusher (In Goliath, 2) Now has 2 more additional active hit frames.
  • Repelling Blast (d+1+2) Now has 1 more active hit frame.

Note: Bug fix for the f+2,d+1 which would whiff a lot if the opponent was very close to Gigas.


  • Jab (1) range on the jab has been reduced.
  • Standing four (4) now recovers 2 frames slower on block and on whiff.
  • Crimson Dawn (d/f+1, 2) range on the 1st hit has been reduced.

Note: Nerfs. Standing 4 on block is now -9.


  • Sideslip (qcf+3) now has crouching status. This move was also adjusted so the move will now connect in situations where it looks like it should hit.

Note: This move used to ‘push’ the opponent away causing it to whiff when it looks like it should have hit. This has been fixed.

Master Raven

  • Quicksand Catastrophe (while crouching, d/f+3+4 → 4) attack hit box on the 1st hit has been made bigger. The frames where Master Raven has crouching status during the animation of the 1st hit of the move has been increased by 8 frames.

Note: Bug fix, hitbox made bigger make it connect more often since opponents would go right through it sometimes when very close. She also is considered in crouching status for 8 frames longer during the 1st hit animation.


  • Lee Somersault (4, u+3) now leaves you closer to the opponent.
  • Laser Edge Lee Somersault (d+4, n, 4, u+3) now leaves you closer to the opponent.
  • Rear Cross Punch (b+2) attack hit box has been made bigger.
  • Grass Snake (d/b+3+4) can now be done with d,d/b+3+4.
  • Twister Heel (while standing 2, 4) now recovers 2 frames faster on hit and leaves you closer to the opponent.
  • Silver Tail (while crouching, d/f+4) losing crouching status on this move by cancelling it into HMS has now been fixed.

Note: Somersault changes make them easier to use in combos. d/b+3+4 change was to assist in not getting accidental Blazing Kicks. You won’t lose crouching status by cancelling Silver Tail into HMS now.


  • Rage Drive (In Rage, ff+3+4) your opponent recovers 7 frames slower after blocking the 1st hit of the Rage Drive.

Note: You could interrupt the 2nd hit of this Rage Drive with certain moves even after blocking the 1st hit. This has now been changed to prevent that.


  • Dark Blade (SRK 2) tracking/homing properties have been improved.
  • Dark Blade Chaos (SRK 1+2) tracking/homing properties have been improved.
  • d/f+2,3 — Due to the 2nd hit of this move whiffing if you manage to land the 1st hit on the opponent’s side, the properties of the 1st hit of this move for your opponent has been changed.
  • Dark Cannon (qcb+3 & air qcb+3) now recovers 3 frames slower.

Note: SRK = Shoryuken motion. forward, down, diagonal down & forward.

The d/f+2,3 change alters the opponent properties after getting hit by the 1st hit of d/f+2, 3. I don’t have Eliza on my PC version so going by Japanese name or no move name listed. The patch notes for her dive kick is vague and doesn’t specify if she recovers 3 frames slower on hit, block or whiff.

System Changes

  • Certain bugs with Eliza’s projectile attacks being parried/reversed have been fixed.
  • Certain bugs where air throws were not registering on Eliza after she is on the wall (wall splatted) have been fixed.
  • Various other minor system bug fixes.


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