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Tekken 7 patch 1.06 now available for PS4, XB1, Steam – View patch notes

Patch 1.06 includes improvements, game design modifications and bug fixes.

We reported yesterday that Harada-san said Tekken 7 patch 1.06 would release soon. Well, it is now out and available for PS4, Xbox One and Steam/PC. Just moments ago Bandai Namco also released a press release regarding it. It states that there were improvements and game design modifications made that were even prior to what they list. So it’s good to see that it’s not just a bug fix related to the frame drop issue.

Here is what it says:

Patch ver.1.06 includes the improvements and game design modifications, prior to the problems listed below.

The display resolution automatically changes in CUSTOMIZE MODE – PS4


When the player enters CUSTOMIZE MODE, the resolution automatically changes—and if the player then proceeds into battle, the frame rate may drop due to the change.

*This issue does not occur on the PS4®Pro.


This issue will be solved through the patch ver.1.06 update.

Error Issues of LEADERBOARDS – Steam

We have confirmed that there have been issues regarding the leaderboard system, since the release of patch ver.1.05. This patch will return the leaderboard system back into the state before the implementation of patch v.1.05.

*This update does not affect the player’s record. Play record post-patch ver.1.05 will be uploaded after patch ver.1.06 is released.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Source: Tekken

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