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Tekken 7 version 1.05 rolling out for PlayStation 4, XBox One & Steam – View official patch notes

Download the latest update to Tekken 7 for PlayStation 4.

A new update just released minutes ago for TEKKEN 7 on PlayStation 4, version 1.05. We have confirmation that it will be available for all platforms (which includes XBox One and PC/Steam) in a day or so.

Here is what the Update History says of the patch:

  • Added support for DLC (Ultimate TEKKEN Bowl & Additional Costumes).
  • Changed the information displayed about your opponent during standby for warm-up (player names no longer show; screenshot below).
  • Added a featured to change your draw in tournaments.
  • Changed tournaments so they now continue even if the host leaves.
  • Improved stability in online matches.
  • Added rankings by character and by win count to the leaderboards.

Bandai Namco released a little more in-depth summary of the patch notes on the Tekken site earlier today.

As you know, the Ultimate Tekken Bowl will be released on August 31. In preparation, the Ver.1.05 patch is releasing today and includes the following improvements and game design modifications:

Improved Online matching functionality: only player icon and disconnection rate would be displayed on player information screen during RANKED MATCH.

Improved ONLINE TOURNAMENT functionality: If a host player disconnects the tournament, automatically another player comes to be a new host. And, that tournament will be continued.

Leaderboards have been enhanced to show more info. Various other fixes and stability improvements have been done to online matchmaking and the tournament mode.

Additionally, the NVIDIA® Ansel™ camera is now available on Steam! Now players can take various screenshots using the Ansel camera in Offline mode. More info here: *Need to install NVIDIA graphic driver 381.65

See you this Thursday in the bowling ring!


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