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RTFM takes first WAR qualifier, results in Kaneandtrench’s first Tekken 7 tournament loss

District G’s first Tekken 7 WAR qualifier is in the books.

Last Sunday, esports hub District G hosted the first WAR qualifier in their series of Tekken 7 tournaments, which will culminate in the final towards the end of the end of year.

Players from across the the UK arrived with some online competitors even meeting for the first time at the qualifier.

Aspiring pro, Pokedext said, “we had an amazing day especially getting to play against team District G and the community, who made it from all over. I also met some people who I had played online and got to play some tight games. Roll on the next qualifier.”

Co-founder Joe Nwasokwa stated, “what made Sunday special was the amount of new faces coming out and competing in the Tekken scene, I think we witnessed some amazing up and coming talent.”

The day also saw some surprising wins and losses, with the top spots being swiped from the District G by RTFM’s Asim in a suspenseful final match against his teammate Roo Kang. The two Tekken pros certainly staked their claim as some of the titles finest by also securing their seeded positions and automatic placing into final.

This event also resulted in District G’s Kaneandtrench’s first loss in a Tekken 7 tournament.


1. RTFM|Asim
2. RTFM|Roo Kang
3. Haroun
4. DG|Kaneandtrench
5. DG|C Krizzle
5. DG|King Jae
7. Justsoyouknow
7. Shiki

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