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Tekken 7 brackets for EVO 2017 posted with 1,279 entrants, 80 pools, and 20 countries represented

The brackets for EVO 2017, the largest fighting game tournament in the world, have just been posted. Things take place July 14-16 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

There are 1,279 entrants this year, making it the largest showing for Tekken 7 at EVO, and is the largest showing of any game in EVO history that is not Street Fighter or Smash.

There are 80 pools in for Tekken 7 this year. After a quick glance, notable and interesting names are Knee,  JDCR, Saint, Nin, Xavier Woods, Okay, JWong, KingJae, Fuko, A F0xy Grampa, Tanukana, KoDee, LPN, Jeondding, 200won, RenoFace, Weapon X, Joey Fury, Kenji, Rickstah, Bizarro_Mike, BMNS-13, Anakin, MYK, PR-Balrog, Speedkicks, Jio, Ace R, Rip, P. Ling, Tekken Master, Mateo, NG-Obscure, KingRey Jr, IceColdEdge, Pekos, Setnomessej, Shudy, Taisei, GEN1US, StillElectric, Big Boi, Geesemaster, King Shola, NYC Fab, Jackie Tran, Pokchop, Brawlpro, WayGamble, Floe, MysticBill, DaBeast, 725, D-Piddy, kkokkoma, KingRey, FilthieRich, N8nmonster, kongojack, Jebailey, Sabin, Averiey, Glaze 20z, Ro-Ro, Blood Talon, Spero Gin, Cuddle_Core, Jody Tha Great, Rick Tha Rular, Psylence, Tossy, n0pants, Markman, Tyler2k, Yuu, EMP The Game, Ltrainlocomotive, Buts (Bats), EvilBowlofCereal, jimmyjtran (Mr. Naps), Brian H, JustFrameJames, Take, KuroKuro, OffInBed, Vishael, Mr E.

Countries we saw represented (after a quick glance as well) were USA, South Korea, Japan, Mexico, Venezuela, Philippines, Nigeria, United Kingdom, Dominican Republic, France, Canada, British Columbia, Australia, Guam, Hawaii, New Zealand, AB (?), MB (?), Netherlands, and China.

Again, this is all after quick glance.

For anyone who would like to request a change to their bracket, here’s some info from Joey Cuellar.

To view the brackets and pools, go to:

For more information visit:

We’ll have more analysis later.

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