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Tekken 7 patch version 1.03 has been released for PlayStation 4; Patch notes available

The PS4 patch that fixes input lag is rolling out.

UPDATE 7/5/17 6:11PM EDT: The patch is now available in the America’s.

UPDATE 7/5/17 9:25 AM EDT: Notes on character adjustments have been be released. Click here.

Version 1.03 Patch Notes

UPDATE 7/5/17 3:55 AM EDT: Full patches notes have been provided on the official Tekken website. Interestingly, nothing in it speaks to the input lag issue. Perhaps it was fixed and left out of the notes on purpose, as many Tekken gamers probably aren’t even aware of it being an issue like most die-hards and competitive players.

As well, according to the Tekken Twitter, an update for Steam may come out today, and Xbox1 on Monday.

Here they patch notes for PlayStation 4:

The Ver.1.03 patch includes some improvements and game design modifications regarding the following topics observed in Ver.1.02. This patch has been released for PS4 as of 05/07/2017. The following are the PS4 patch notes. A further announcement will be made when the patch is released for Xbox One and Steam.

Improved match makings in Online modes.

  • Now it takes less time to find an opponent in Online modes.
  • Improved usability in Player Match.

Now the game offers more opportunities for players to navigate through the menu in Player Match sessions.

  • This change should allow players to leave sessions more easily.

Adjusted the restriction of the revenge match in Ranked Match.

  • Now players can have unlimited revenge matches with the same opponent in Ranked Match.

Fixed a revenge match related issue.

  • Fixed an issue where an opponent’s character and name are sometimes changed upon having revenge matches.

Made some sound volume adjustments in Jukebox

  • Adjusted the BGM volume in Jukebox for TEKKEN 1, TEKKEN 2, TEKKEN3 and TEKKEN4.

Made some color adjustments to certain Customization items.

  • This is to fix an issue where players can set certain color values (Black) to certain items in a way that was not originally intended by the dev.

Adjusted Leo’s Character Customization.

  • Fixed an issue where Leo’s upper body disappears when equipping certain items.

Game design adjustments.

  • Adjusted some behaviors in the game regarding certain character’s moves.
  • Fixed an issue where some characters’ throw moves don’t properly reflect Rage state.

Source: Tekken

UPDATE 7/5/17 1:06AM EDT: It is being reported that Eliza no longer has unlimited supers.

UPDATE 7/5/17 12:28AM EDT: Patch notes have been included in-game. They are as follows:

  • Changed Revenge Match restrictions in Online Mode.
  • Made adjustments to matchmaking conditions.
  • Made adjustments to game balance.
  • Fixed bugs to some customization items.

It said nothing about the input lag fix with wired controllers, but a more detailed changelog should be coming, as Harada said that patch notes would be posted to the official Tekken site (see below). Also, hopefully they provide details on how the game was made more balanced. Buffs and nerfs possibly?

UPDATE 11:46pm EDT: According to sources, the patch is also showing up in the United KingdomAustralia, New Zealand, and possibly many others. Be on the lookout for it. As well, the patch is around 740 MB in size.

Note: Updated info on Xbox1 and Steam below.

Original Story

Tekken game designer, Katsuhiro Harada, has just announced on Twitter that PS4 Tekken 7 patch version 1.03 has been released in Japan. This is the patch that fixes the input lag issue, and hopefully some other items as well.

Google translate may be slightly be off, but it said the following:

PS4 Tekken 7 Ver 1.03 Update has been launched (due to regional differences, Japan is ahead). Update content will be released on the official website for home Tekken 7 later.

The patch should be releasing in other regions very soon after, and patch notes will be coming shortly on the official Tekken website.

As for Xbox 1 and Steam, Harada says the following:

We’ll update you when we catch wind of something.

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