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Here’s which direction to sidestep against all characters in Tekken 7, PDF download also available

Tekken knowledge like this can get your closer to Korean status.

If you want to play on the level of Koreans like JDCR and Saint of team Echo Fox, one thing you’ll need know better than most (among other things) is which direction to sidestep against certain characters. “Simple” things like that are what separate the good from the great.

Here’s a Tekken 7 Character SideStep guide created by Emirkan Dalman (Reddit user krieger999) that shows you which direction to sidestep against certain characters, which allows you to evade moves and set you up for a punish. The list is derived from the one Nobi created for Tekken Tag Tournament 2, but updated for Tekken 7.

We “prettied” it up with a little design work, as well as made a PDF version that you can download.

Shared with permission from Emirkan. His first language isn’t English, so pardon any spelling errors.

Source: MBA | Ez

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