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Tekken 7 a big hit at Next Level Battle Circuit & Wednesday Night Fights; NYC Fab and Rip win it all

Tekken 7 made its debut as some major weekly events and was a huge hit!

Last night was the debut of Tekken 7 at Next Level Battle Circuit and Wednesday Night Fights, and was a huge hit at both events. There were plenty of great matches, hype, memorable moments, great stream numbers, and more. Here’s the scoop.

NYC Next Level Battle Circuit

NLBC in New York City was sponsored by Dreamhack, and brought out many of the OG’s of Tekken, such as NYC Fab, Fighting GM, Blood Hawk, Real Law, Onijin, Reno Face and more. As it is every week, event was live streamed on Team Spooky’s channel (handled by NYC Furby), and had nearly 10,000 viewers. And on commentary duty were quite a few individuals, including IFC Yipes and LeeChung.

The winner of the event earned a trip to compete in Dreamhack Atlanta July 21-23, which included flight, hotel (4 nights) and event entry.

Not to mention, there was a Matcherino in place where folks could contribute a free dollar to the overall pot, and Tekken 7 raised an amazing $1,000. The other games like Street Fighter V and Injustice 2 garnered a little under $200. That’s a clear sign that Tekken 7 is in demand.

NYC Fab made it out the tournament and he appeared hungrier than ever. He used Feng to fight his battles, and his defense and poke game were unparalleled. He and BloodHawk faced one another in the grand finals, and Fab made quick work of him.

After his win, Fab said that “real Tekken is back,” and he is back as well. He also said that he was “tired of seeing JDCR win,” and that he would “get him.” That’s the kind of friendly rivalry we love to hear. Fab is a Tekken legend and brings that competitive spirit that shakes up the scene. Glad to see him back and without missing a beat.

The top 3 were NYC Fab (1st; Feng), Blood Hawk (2nd; Dragunov) and RenoFace (3rd; Lucky Chloe, Law).

NLBC Top 5

Wednesday Night Fights

Tekken 7 also made it’s debut at WNF, hosted by the legendary Alex Valle, and the whole night was dedicated to it. There were two streams for it in fact. The “eat sports” crew was in the house too, with Rip, Aris, Tasty Steve, and Sajam. Other notable names present were ITS Yanflip, Rickstah, MYK, Setnomessej, Runitblack, and many others.  There was a Matcherino in place for this event as well, and raised $450. Just like NLBC, stream viewers combined reached over 11,000.

With 85 entrants, Rip took 1st place at the event, with Yanflip 2nd, and Rickstah 3rd. View the full bracket on

You can catch all of the archived stream below.

Level Up Live Top 8

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