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[UPDATE] PS4 Tekken 7 patch LIVE in EU, UK and AUS with other regions to follow; View full patch notes

The Tekken team is rolling out the PS4 patch with more changes soon to come.

[Update 4:39pm EST] Tekken 7 update version 1.02 is now rolling out in North America (possibly other regions). It’s 723.8MB. Check for it. Additional info can be learned here.

Bandai Namco has announced that the PlayStation 4 patch addressing online matchmaking in Tekken 7 is now LIVE in Europe, UK, and Australia. The same should be hitting the US very shortly after. Patches are still being worked on for PC and Xbox One and should release next week.

Here are the patch notes.

Online Issues
  • Improved the Online Matching Functionality
  • The following player information will no longer be displayed before a match:
    • Character selected
    • Wins
    • Rank
    • Title
  • Connection with other players can be established more frequently
  • Improved overall stability

The matchlist has also been tentatively removed to improve online matching functionality. This means it has been temporarily removed until they come up with a better implementation.

Voice Chat
  • Added an ON/OFF feature for voice chat
    • ON/OFF for voice chat added to OPTION menu
  • Set to OFF as default setting
Character Move Properties
  • Nina’s Ivory Cutter attack properties (her infinite move has been removed)

The Tekken team says they’re not done, and that they are actively working on improving the game experience and investigating the issues being reported to them.

Source: Tekken

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