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15 Finalists for ESL Tekken 7 UK Championship – Watch LIVE May 26th from MCM London Comic Con

The UK’s best Tekken players will go head to head on May 26th!

The fifth and final qualifier for the ESL Tekken 7 UK Championship took place yesterday in London, England, and we now know the 15 finalists who will be competing for the crown on Friday, May 26th in the ESL Arena at MCM London Comic Con.

The stream will take place at at 3pm BST (10am EST). We’ve been told they may start a little early, but for now that is the schedule start time.

Tekken 7 UK Championship Finalists

There is also one wildcard player, but that person has not been revealed yet.

Hypespotting 6 Qualifier | Full results

1st Place: RTFM|Kaneandtrench
2nd Place: The Truth
3rd Place: W3D|DJay_Voo

Dublin Qualifier | Full results

1st Place: CKT|Fergus
2nd Place: District G|The Phantom
3rd Place: MBA|EX-Soldier

Manchester Qualifier | Full results

1st Place: CKT|ElementalDeity
4th Place: RTFM|Roo Kang
5th Place: RTFM|Asim

Birmingham Qualifier | Full results

4th Place: CKT|SpaghettiRip
5th Place: CKT|NeedsMoarCoffee
5th Place: ED|K_Justice

London Qualifier | Full results

3rd Place: BonusJin
5th Place: AmouageKing
7th Place: Dinosaur (replacing SolidRose, who is unable to attend)

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