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Watch the IGN Tekken 7 event with developers Katsuhiro Harada & Michael Murray

Tekken developers are in Sydney, Australia for an exclusive IGN Tekken 7 event.

Tekken director Katsuhiro Harada and game designer Michael Murray are currently in Sydney, Australia for a number of press related events. IGN will be hosting an exclusive Tekken 7 event with the two that will be streamed live on the IGN Twitch channel April 20th at 7pm-10pm AEST (5am-8am EST / 10am-1pm BST).

Taking place at the Bandai Namco headquarters, Harada-san and Murray will be showcasing the latest build of Tekken 7, holding a Q&A session, and also giving away prizes. Hopefully they will answer questions that sprung up during Hypespotting this past weekend. The event is three hours, so hopefully a lot is unpacked.

To help promote the event IGN held a contest giving away 60 double passes to Aussie Tekken fans who could best answer the question “Why do you want to meet Katsuhiro Harada?” in 25 words or less.

We personally know of some interviews that will be arise from their Australia visit. We plan to feature them as soon as they become available, so be on the look out for those as well.

At any rate, see you later today for the stream.

Sources: Bandai Namco AU | Youssef Faddoul

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