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Here are the top guest characters suggested to Katsuhiro Harada for Tekken 7

Harada-san asked for guest character ideas and the Tekken community didn’t hold back.

Kazuma Kiryu from the game Yakuza.

One of the most recent announcements in the Tekken world has been that there will be two new guest characters from different video game licenses guest starring in Tekken 7. Different video games licenses means that these guest characters will not be from Bandai Namco titles.

This subject has been one of the main talking points among the community since it was revealed as it leaves fans with lots to speculate.

Tekken project director Katsuhiro Harada recently took to Twitter to ask the community to tweet him their ideas for guest characters in Tekken 7. So far, the tweet has received over 1,500 replies with fans eager to let Harada-san and team know who they want included in the game.

Here’s how the community responded.

Kazuma Kiryu from the Yakuza series has probably been the most asked for character since Harada’s tweet.

Geese Howard was another popular pick amongst fans, and probably the second favorite behind Kazuma Kiryu.

Dante from Devil May Cry was also a popular choice.

Sonya from Mortal Kombat. Now this I could definitely get on board with. Nina vs Sonya; I can see it now!

These are some interesting picks, but we have had Gon in Tekken before, so a Sonic character isn’t that far-fetched!

Bayonetta was a suggestion that cropped up a few times as well.

Some fans called for more Street Fighter characters, including Chun Li. However, with Akuma already included in the current roster, it’s unlikely that the guest characters will also be from Street Fighter.  What do you think?

Solid Snake in Tekken 7? Who wouldn’t love that!?

Morrigan from Darkstalkers could definitely work!

Harada-san in Tekken 7? Now that would be something!

Sub Zero from Mortal Kombat and Tifa from Final Fantasy VI; would you be happy with these two as the guest characters?

Personally, I would LOVE to see Nathan Drake in Tekken 7, but as he’s strictly a PlayStation character this seems highly unlikely. PS4 exclusive DLC maybe? Plus, Nate and Heihachi have already (kind of) met in PlayStation All-Stars! I know it’s not canon, but it’s still pretty awesome!

Sarah Kerrigan is definitely one of the more unexpected picks, but certainly an interesting choice.

Sorry to any The Walking Dead fans, but Negan and Lucille won’t be making an appearance!

As expected, fans also used this as an opportunity to express their anticipation for the comeback of unannounced classic characters, with Anna and Lei taking the forefront as usual.

What do you think of the suggestions so far from the community? Are there any guest characters you would love to see in Tekken? If so, tweet Harada-san your ideas and let us know in the comments!

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