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New Tekken 7 offline game mode ‘Treasure Battle’ discovered

Tekken 7’s main menu shows a new offline game mode called ‘Treasure Battle.’

A new offline game mode called Treasure Battle has been found on the main menu of Tekken 7. The game sounds interesting and while we could speculate, the game could be executed in a number of ways. Hopefully up to two people can play it together, because we already have a one player experience with Story Mode.

Here’s a close up. Click the image to enlarge.

The photo was taken by Justin ‘King Jae’ Nelson who is at Hypespotting 6 in Scotland, so who knows, could we see some Treasure Battle gameplay before the day is over? Or, maybe we’ll see some of this game mode during this month’s Tekken Talk with MarkMan?

As well, someone has spotted a tip that is Treasure Battle related. It looks like it says “Winning continuous matches in Treasure Battle will trigger a match with special rules or a special match where you will fight against a special opponent.” That looks about right or close, doesn’t it? See below.

It doesn’t look like there will be a Ghost Battle mode, that is unless some of its gaming abilities are now found in Treasure Battle. Sounds plausible. There is also no sign of a Survival Mode or Tekken Force. But again, these could be what this is. What if it’s a combination of all of these games? Or could be something entirely different. Who knows. We shall see.

What do you think about it? What kind of game do you think it is?

Source: King Jae, @gagadabae

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