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Tekken developer Michael Murray reveals that Infinite Azure stage is primarily for PSVR

The Infinite Azure stage technically looks the way it does for a reason.

A few new stages were revealed in the last Tekken Talk with MarkMan, along with some gameplay of new characters Kuma, Panda and Eddy Gordo. And as it is with most things today, especially with Tekken 7, something is bound to be critiqued in some form or fashion.

A user named Reality commented on an article on Avoiding the Puddle related to the Tekken Talk, more specifically his dislike for how the ground looked on the new Infinite Azure stage.

Tekken developer Michael Murray responded to the comment, stating that the ground actually looks like that because this stage is primarily created for PlayStation VR.

So what does that mean exactly? Well, Tekken YouTuber YellowMotion made a video in June of 2016 that will give you a bit more clarity. Go to the 10:38 timestamp if it doesn’t begin there.

So basically this stage will more than likely be where those with PSVR can go to inspect their character customizations, and possibly even perform moves with full interactive virtual reality. Will you be able to face any chosen character? The actual extent of this is yet to be known. But, it sounds very cool and possibly even worth purchasing a VR headset for.

What do you think?

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