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Watch JDCR & Saint’s Final Round 20 vlog trailer (with Pokchop & Migos’ ‘Bad & Boujee’)

JDCR and Saint are releasing a min-doc of their Final Round XX trip.

Echo Fox’s JDCR and Saint of Korea were at Final Round XX in Atlanta, GA last month, with JDCR winning the Tekken 7 tournament and Saint surprisingly not even making the top 8. JDCR was seen walking around with a cool little Sony video camera that could shoot in 4K while at the tournament, and now we know why. He planned on putting together a vlog. A trailer for the vlog has been released for it.

It appears the two have really taken a liking to hip hop group Migos as well, as the background music is ‘Bad and Boujee.’ A few weeks ago Saint was even singing ‘T-shirt.’

At any rate, check it out.

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