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Tekken 7 storylines for Marshall Law, Hwoarang, Bryan Fury, Feng Wei, Devil Jin and Bob

The Tekken Japanese site updated their site with the storyline’s of six characters.

A few days ago the Tekken Japanese site unveiled a new Character Episode 1 trailer and also a made-for-TV commercial. At the same time they updated their website with the story of six characters – Marshall Law, Hwoarang, Bryan Fury, Feng Wei, Devil Jin and Bob. This text was in Japanese and on images, and since none of us here at TekkenGamer speak or read Japanese we could not translate it. Well, YellowMotion was able to get them translated and told us that we could share the content. We’ve made a few minor edits to put things in better context as well.

Marshall Law

Marshall Law is still spending his days paying back the debt to his son’s bills. As he was busy, the students of his dojo were also decreasing. He thought of bringing in an excellent new teacher / trainer for his dojo. He consulted with Paul if there was a suitable person. Paul volunteered to be the person for Law’s dojo and said “Leave it to me!” However, leaving it to Paul would mean the dojo would collapse within a half day. So Paul’s offer was politely declined by Law. Law entered the King of the Iron Fist Tournament 7 himself to find a suitable fighter. As there was a person rumored to be strong. He kept trying to see if the fighter was suitable as a teacher for his dojo.


It was the man Hwoarang that admitted to being Jin Kazama’s rival! However, it was also the man who became the head of the Mishima Zaibatsu and declared war against the world. But he suddenly disappeared after the war was started. “That guy should not be so easily beaten down!” Hwoarang thought so. Based on minor information that he had gained, Hwoarang was set off to the Middle East to locate Jin.

Bryan Fury

Bryan Fury, the man who will do everything to show his power, likes to bring destruction to all of the world! As usual, he is enjoying dwelling in urban areas of the war zone, which is also his battlefield. The war and the catastrophe that spreads all over the world brings him great twisted sense of joy. It makes his laughing unstoppable. While on the battlefield he has found a new prey. Who is it?

Feng Wei

Following the teachings he describes as “The Dragon God,” Feng destroys all other fighting styles and makes them his own, making him a much more superior warrior to all men. That was all Feng found from the secret Shinken scrolls of the Mystical Art of the God Fist. On a bloody quest to improve his skills, Feng has given birth to a new stage of his training.

Devil Jin

Jin Kazama defeated Azazel, which was a battle to the death! After the battle Jin lost consciousness and was caught by the United Nations army. As he was take away, being escorted by a helicopter, Jin was taken over by the devil that was inside of him. Soon after Devil Jin awakened and tore of the clothes that restrained him. With a shot of his laser beam, Devil Jin destroys the helicopter and flies away from the scene.


Bob decided to participate in the King of the Iron Fist Tournament to prove that he himself is a strong fighter. However, on the day of the tournament he to the venue in his car when it mysteriously exploded on the road!

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