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Shut down Eddy Gordo players with this ‘Ultimate Anti-Capo Tutorial’ video

It’s no secret that Eddy Gordo is probably the most hated Tekken character of all-time! Claims of him being “OP,” or hopes and dreams that he wouldn’t come to Tekken 7 have been heard over and over again. Why? Many players just don’t know how to approach the match-up. He’s a walking and breathing 50/50 monster! His movement is evasive, and the range of his moves are probably the most difficult to calculate than any other character. You may think you’re safe, but before you know it you’re being juggled into infinity.

Well, we’ve got a treat for you. Pro UK Tekken player SpaghettiRip is a one of the best capo players in the world, and he’s put together the ‘Ultimate Anti-Cap Tutorial’ for your viewing pleasure. Who else to teach you how to fight against a character than someone proficient with said character? It just makes sense. Enjoy!

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