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Face your fear and leap from ‘online warrior’ to a true tournament player

Events such as EVO are made for very experienced players, but that’s what local competitions are made for – to be a first step.

Once upon a time, in an world without internet, there was only “local versus” in Tekken. As time went by, the internet became a reality and netplay flourished, making it easy to find opponents without even leaving your couch. Thanks to this revolutionary technology in gaming the tournament scene got stronger, while keeping some of its best traits. But even with this a lot of players still asked themselves if they are fit to enter a tournament or why they should do it.

Let me tell you, there isn’t a typical profile for tournament players and anyone is welcome to play. First of all, to attend a tournament could be a good idea even if you aren’t good. Yes, you will encounter a lot a strong competitors, but at the same time a lot of them could give you advice to improve your performance and teach you something. It’s a better environment to talk and learn, rather than remaining at home playing online against someone in ranked who’s instantly playing another opponent after their victory. And alongside the official tournament matches, a lot of people just play for fun in casual matches, share thoughts and comparing fighting styles.

Video games are now considered almost like real sports, like the e-sport name testifies. You fight to win, but you also fight by being part of it, like any athlete or team participating in a league. So, don’t think that it only matters just if you make Top 8, because events can grant fun, and sometimes, even losing a well fought match could be satisfying.

By doing this you’re also supporting your local scene. Obviously numbers and attendance mean something to game developers, and seeing high participation could encourage more events in your state or country. The competitive arena is not supposed to be attended by only pros but by a wider audience. A truly healthy tournament scene is sustained by players representing various levels of skill and newcomers are welcome to keep it strong and active. Events such as EVO are made for very experienced players, but that’s what local competitions are made for – to be a first step.

Always remember that playing online is very helpful to learn the basics and a first taste of playing matches competitively. It’s a starting point for almost 90% of beginners today, and that should be your gym while you don’t have friends to play within person. When you’ve maxed out playing online matches and you can’t get enough, you may be ready to move on and hop into a local tournament. You’ll have fun too. The mood is often enthusiastic, and you will make new friends. Or, if you are more alike the Mishimas, new rivals for your blood-thirsty ambition.

This piece was actually meant for people who have NEVER entered a tournament. but there a lot of player who already have and I’m sure they have a lot of good memories to share with us by leaving a comment below or by posting in our forum. Tell us your fondest memory about this topic. It will be appreciated, especially by those looking for a reason to go to the next level.

Photo by Combo Breaker

I'm a long time Tekken Player from Italy.


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