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North America King of the Iron Fist Tournament 2016 – Final Results and Video

What a ride it has been. The Tekken Tour began at Final Round 19 earlier this year, then progressed with several stops at semi-to-major tournaments across America, including many Wizard World events. It all culminated tonight at the North America King of the Iron Fist Tournament 2016 Finals in San Francisco, and boy did it end in grand fashion! There were many great matches that took place, upsets and more. But were any of us prepared for the dominance Mr. Naps would display in grand finals against Anakin? If you missed it, you can watch the archived footage below.

Mr. Naps, Anakin and Princess Ling will all be going to Japan for the global tournament on December 11th. Hopefully these guys will be able to practice before attending, as all of the Tekken 7 tournaments for North America are over.

Top 8 Results

1 Mr. Naps ($10,000)
2 Circa | Anakin ($4,000)
3 ITS | P.Ling ($3,000)
4 Kane
5 BxA | Kodee
5 Circa | Speedkicks
7 JustFrameJames
7 ITS | Spero Gin

Post-Tournament Announcements

Tekken developers Harada Katsuhiro and Michael Murray were in attendance and after the tournament spoke to the crowd. The expressed sincere apologies for the long wait with Tekken 7 still being in arcades, but when it “drops” (comes to consoles/PC) everyone will enjoy. They also said that new content, new modes and an unrevealed character are still yet to be announced. Our guess is that a character will be announced at the global finals. Lastly, they said a lot of great things will come in 2017.

Event Details and Stream Info

The day we’ve all been waiting for is finally upon us! It’s the Tekken 7 North America Finals / King of the Iron Fist Tournament 2016 in San Francisco, CA at Ruby Skye. Twenty players who from across America who either qualified at one of the Tekken Tour events throughout the year, or at the last chance qualifiers, will compete for a prize pool of $20,000 and the top 3 receive entry into the global King of the Iron Fist Tournament in Japan next month.

Streaming will begin at 4pm PDT with the first match kicking off at 5pm PDT, taking place at

Here are the twenty players, divided into four groups.


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