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KOIFT 2016

Meat of Indonesia wins SEAM 2016, qualifies for King of Iron Fist 2016 World Finals – Results and video

South East Asia Major 2016 (presented by PlayStation 4) is taking place in Singapore this weekend and is definitely living up to its name as a “major.” Being a major this event was also a qualifier for the global King of the Iron Fist Tournament Finals 2016 which takes place December 10th in Japan.

Indonesian player, Meat, who is also a very fierce King player, ended up as champion of SEAM 2016, and therefore is on his way to Japan later this year. This is a big deal because, according to Michael Murray, this is also the first time Asia has been included as a qualifier. We also think he is the first player to qualify for the finals in December.

The match was a very good one, and we like how UnifilTekken poetically breaks it down.

In a very tense grand finals, Meat from Indonesia and Arenz from Malaysia faced off once more after their first clash in the fourth round of the tournament bracket. During that match, Meat sent Arenz to the losers bracket who then made his way back hungry for a rematch.

Arenz with his Josie pressured many opponents into submission during the tournament, but unfortunately the same tactic didn’t work well against his opponent Meat’s King. Meat gave a dominating performance completely cutting off Arenz’ momentum from the losers bracket at first. But Arenz showed his ability to adapt and started fighting back from the second set.

On the third set, Meat switched to Bryan which was an unexpected move. The changed shook Arenz off track after getting used to fighting against King, effectively losing him the set. Arenz’ adaptability however took control of the next set with a dominating performance evening out the score.

In the final match, Arenz started off strong but a calm and collected Meat maintained pressure on his opponent and sealed the deal.

Watch the Top 8 archived video with commentary from MarkMan and Michael Murray, and final results below.

Note: Video should start at 2 hours 54 minutes.

SEAM 2016 Results

Champion: Meat (Indonesia)
2nd place: Arenz (Malaysia)
3rd place: Imurmother (Singapore)
4th place: KGBPLUS (Singapore)
5th place: Mememe (Singapore)
5th place: Mercury (Singapore)
7th place: SbyRazor (Singapore)
7th place: shinato malaysia (Malaysia)

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