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Will Jinpachi be a playable character in Tekken 7? Here’s a clue we all may have missed!

Everyone is excited about the early 2017 release of Tekken 7 on console and PC, so much so that every detail about the game has been dissected and grazed with a fine-toothed comb. As many times as we have seen the various Tekken 7 trailers since the games announcment, not once did many of us catch that Jinpachi was right before our eyes.

With all of the discussion of the Tekken 7 roster, this trailer from San Diego Comic Con 2014 may have given us a clue all along as to one of the characters. Take a look.

Did you see him? If not, go to 1 minute 20 seconds.

Now look at this one just released two weeks ago a Tokyo Game Show.

If you missed him, go to 35 seconds. You’ll see him twice actually.

Here are screenshots in case you missed it.

How did we miss this? Or did you catch it when you first saw them?

This is definitely Jinpachi and not Heihachi. The scene is very much similar to a scene from Kazuya’s story ending in Tekken 5, where he was holding his grandfather, Jinpachi, in his arms and reflecting on times they had spent together. Take a look.

He definitely has to be in the story of Tekken 7, because this is the end of the Mishima saga. But will he also be a playable character in the game? How many of you would hope that is so? We’ll know soon enough, won’t we?

Source: Igor Goldman Devaizter

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