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ATP Live 141: Aris, Rip, Rickstah talk T7 PS4 graphics, Rev.D update, Nordic Tekken Tour

TP Live is a weekly live talk show on Twitch from Avoiding the Puddle with host Aris Bakhtanians and co-hosts Reepal ‘Rip’ Parbhoo and Rickstah. On the show they discuss all of the latest fighting game news, events and more. Check out the latest episode.

Note: Some portions of the show are NSFW.

Aziz Peregrino-Brimah aka Zee the CEO | Founder / Editor-in-chief of TekkenGamer | Gaming has been a passion of Zee's since the early days of Atari and ColecoVision. His first experience with Tekken was in the early 90's, and it was Tekken 3 that sealed the deal. True story... As a teenager Zee once received his Winn-Dixie paycheck and spent it all at the arcade the same day. Needless to say, his mother wasn't pleased.


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