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Katsuhiro Harada says playing as ‘Kid Kazuya’ in Tekken 7 depends on demand

In a recent interview with at gamescom in Germany, Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada was asked if young Kazuya from story mode would be a playable character. His response was:

“It depends. If there is enough demand, we will consider it.”

Ever since “Kid Kazuya” was revealed yesterday at gamescom, Tekken fans have been asking if he would be a playable character – and not just story mode.

This would be quite interesting to say the least, as Kid Kazuya would have the smallest hitbox in Tekken history. This could pose some problems. But at the same time, it would also pose problems for him. For example, his range would be very small. So maybe one way they would compensate for this is in speed. Who knows? There are quite a few pros and cons, but knowing Harada and his team, they could bring balance.

Opinions have been mixed concerning the news.

Young Jin? Unless he’s in the story, that’s not going to happen. But making Kid Kazuya a hard to unlock character, much like Eliza was in Tekken Revolution, is highly plausible.

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