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Akuma getting nerfed, Bob and Master Raven release dates and gameplay, balance changes and more

Earlier today Katsuhiro Harada and other Bandai Namco Japan employees held a special stream on Japanese streaming service Nico Nico (mobile only for non-subscribers) to share information about the addition of Bob and Master Raven to the Tekken 7: Fated Retribution roster in arcades, demonstrate them in training mode, as well as cover some of the upcoming balance changes.

Bob will be coming out in arcades on August 9th of next week, and Master Raven will be coming out sometime later in September. As far as balancing, a changelog hasn’t been released yet, but should soon. 

Here are some of the changes coming are:

  • Akuma has overall been nerfed. Some of his old divekick combos don’t connect and reduced meter gain and damage output.
  • Pushback after King’s Rage Drive has been increased in combos.
  • Yoshimitsu’s d/f+1,2 is no longer a Natural Combo. Fubuki Knee into BT 2 now works again.
  • Josie’s cd+3 is -13 on block now (down from -14) Switch stance 3 (low) now combos on counter hit with the opponent facing towards you for pick-up combo. Her d/b+2 now wallsplats on normal hit instead of only on counter hit.
  • Kazumi’s ‘too favorable’ d/f+1 has longer recovery frames on block and doesn’t track as well as it used to now. Her FLY grab now wallsplats. Power Crush whiff frames reduced.

Check out the videos below. (Note: streams taken from mobile).

Bob in training mode demo

Master Raven training mode demo

Balance changes demo

Source: Avoiding the Puddle

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