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EVO 2016 – Day 2: Korea owns EVO in Tekken 7 FR – Top 8 recap, results and video

The first champion of EVO 2016 is Choi “Saint” Jinwoo of Korea. He won quite convincingly over his native countrymen Jae min “Knee” Bae in the latest install of Tekken, Tekken 7: Fated Retribution. Today was Top 8 finals, and the upsets that began yesterday spilled over into today.

Last year’s EVO champion, Nakayama “Nobi” Daichi of Japan, landed in 5th place this year, losing to USA’s Anthony “Geesemaster” Jaimes, whom many did not even expect to do as well as he did. Geesemaster ended up losing to Knee though, but early on looked like he could have caused yet another upset had a few minor things gone in his favor. Everyone knows how masterful Knee is, but Geesemaster looked on par with him, going toe to toe.

USA’s Hoa “Anakin” Luu, who was expected to at least make top 8 this year, mainly due to his performances at Combo Breaker and CEO, was eliminated very early on by HyunJin “JDCR” Kim of Korea. Both players used their main characters, Anakin with Jack-7, and JDCR with Heihachi, but Anakin just looked out-matched. He would go on to lose again to Weapon X, a Katarina player, and ultimately end up in 52nd place. Very disappointing.

America’s other hopeful, Stephen “Speedkicks” Stafford, was eliminated very early on by Jung “Narakhof” Joo of Korea, a very strong Claudio player. Speedkicks looked very outmatched with Narakhof controlling the match the majority of the time. Narakhof would advance to face Knee, but end up being made quick work of.

Lee “Poongko” Chunggon of Korea proved how powerful Akuma was throughout the tournament, having very little knowledge of Tekken being that he is primarily a Street Fighter player. But when he ran up against Saint who was using Jack-7, he looked vulnerable and weak for the first time.

With Knee having been sent to losers by Geesemaster, he would be in losers entering into the grand finals against Saint. For him to win, he would need to reset the bracket (win six matches). This was a pretty intense match, and it would poetically come down to the wire – a final match, final round situation. Would Knee win the round and reset the bracket, or would Saint seal the deal right here and now? The video is below.

We have our thoughts as to why this years EVO Tekken tournament went the way it did, with strong players like Anakin being eliminated very early on, JDCR not making top 8, Poongko who doesn’t play Tekken taking 3rd place, Nobi (last year’s champ) not in the top 3, and more. So be on the lookout for that.

Here are your final Top 8, along with video.

Top 8 Final

1st Saint | KOR | Jack-7
2nd Knee | KOR | Bryan, Heihachi
3rd Poongko KOR | Akuma
4th Geesemaster | USA | Feng
5th Narakhof | KOR | Claudio
5th Nobi | JPN | Dragunov
7th Speedkicks | USA | Hwoarang
7th Take | JPN | Feng

Tekken 7 FR Top 8

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