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Anakin, Saint, Inkog, Sapito and more battle in Peru in TTT2 FT7 money matches

Just a few days after Tekken Collision, which was held in Lima, Peru on March 5th, there were still a few scores to be settled. Still hanging around in South America, Anakin, Saint, Sapito, Inkog, Abel, Roynichi, Lord TKD, Nene and other top players met up today and held some pretty exciting Tekken Tag Tournament 2 money matches!

Streamed from Anakin’s Twitch account, each match was a FT7. We’re not quite sure the amount of money involved, but from the news ticker that scrolled at the bottom of the screen it looks like quite a bit exchanged hands. The results were very interesting as well, as some would lose 7-1, and it didn’t look like Inkog won a single match. And this causes us to pose the question that floated around during Tekken Collision – does South America have more fierce competition than North America?

Not all  matches were caught on stream, but Anakin did say that they would be uploaded soon. There was no sight of Kodee, so maybe he already took off.

Watch the video after the jump, see some results, and stay tuned for more!

Off-stream results

Abel vs Inkog | 7-1
Abel vs Anakin | 7-6Abel vs Saint | 7-6
Saint vs Misterio | 7-3
Misterio vs Inkog | 7-3
Anakin vs Misterio | 7-1
Chaos vs Anakin | 5-4
Saint vs Sapito | 7-6
Sapito vs Saint | 5-2


Follow this link to watch the archived broadcast.

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