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Peru prevails over USA, Korea at Tekken Collision 2016 – Results, video, pics

South American fighting game tournament Tekken Collision took place in Lima, Peru this weekend and it was every bit what you’d hope for in Tekken tournament. Top level players, high level play, a huge number of participants, upsets, salt, and much hype! No, this wasn’t a tourney for Tekken 7, but for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and Tekken Tag Tournament (yes, you read that right). Evidently these titles still have a lot of life left in Peru.

If there was one thing many learned while tuned into the stream (hosted by Atomix Games), it was that South America loves Tekken. Many in the chat were saying that it looked more like a Tekken festival than a tournament. There were large Tekken banners hung all over the place, miniature Tekken statues, models, PS3 consoles and monitors all over the place, and a sea of people.

For TTT2 there were 16 pools of 8, making 128 participants – which also included international players Saint (Korea), Inkog (USA), Anakin (USA), and Kodee (USA). TTT1 had a strong showing as well with 80 participants.

Peruvian player Abel Del Maestro, considered to be the favorite due to defeating JDCR (KOR) last year at Tekken Peru Tournament 2015, surprisingly was eliminated early and didn’t even get a chance to play on stream. That’s how fierce the competition was. A usual face from Peru was still in the grand finals, but not without a mishap.

The grand finals was a “rematch” between Saint and Sapito (Peru) who met before at TXT 2014 where Sapito came out the champion. Well, this weekend during the very final match of grand finals with the rounds tied at 1-1, there was an unfortunate occurrence by Sapito when he hit the pause button at the opening of round 3. The official rules on the Tekken Collision website state (translated from Spanish) “If one of the participants presses PAUSE during one of the rounds, they will automatically lose the fight, unless both parties agree to continue.” Saint could have taken the round, but he graciously decided to go on with the match without any penalty to Sapito.

Could this have potentially changed the outcome of the match? Was Saints momentum disrupted? We may never know. But we do know that he made the decision to continue, so it is what it is.

You can find the Top 32 bracket on the Atomix Games challonge page, and you can find the stream archive and results below. Unfortunately, names of players weren’t provided each match, and even when they were they were lost in translation. Because of that we aren’t able to provide the characters used beyond the top 9.


Source: Tekken Collision

Stream Archives

Part 1:
Part 2:

Note: TTT was not streamed.


Tekken Tag Tournament 2

1. Sapito (Lei, Xiaoyu)
2. Saint (Ganryu, Bob)
3. Roynichi (Hwoarang, Baek)
4. TKS Nene (Kazuya, Dragunov)
5. Incognito (Bryan, Bob)
5. The Kid (Miguel, Alisa)
7. Misterio (Kazuya, Lars)
7. Chaoz (Yoshimitsu, Kunimitsu)
9. Anakin (Jack 6, P.Jack)
9. Kodee (Heihachi, Kazuya)
9. Abel (Eddy, Christie)
9. CarlVader (Lars, Dragunov)
13. Carlitzu
13. Pomazter
13. Marcos
13. Nelson
17. Thanos
17. Gatex
17. Armando
17. Coreano
17. Focho
17. Zeze
17. Bruno
17. Lord TKD
25. Joseph
25. Alonso
25. Leo Kazamawi
25. Alex
25. Devil Lee
25. Mamis
25. Kyloren
25. Pelao

Tekken Tag Tournament

1. Camaney
2. Misterio
3. Serjin Master

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